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photoblog image Berenice


...a working sketch for "Berenice". Ginnie got me thinking the other day and this is a test shot for the story by Edgar Allan Poe. What does everyone think?

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I like the ghostly surrealism of this image, and the colors.
pixelpixie: Thank-you Red Pen, I was pleased with the colours. The orange glow is caused by the sodium lights of the town across the estuary and the white edged clouds were lit by the full moon that night. I brightened it a little to make it a little more atmospheric but in essence it was all there shot in camera.
  • Martin
  • trying to get out of the office
  • 29 Aug 2007, 01:03
Great color and an interesting painting-like effect. Good idea!
pixelpixie: The colours were from the sodium lights of the town across the estuary and the moon. Really pleased you like it. Thanks!
  • Mal
  • 29 Aug 2007, 01:30
you really are on form! this is beautiful. mal
pixelpixie: It was just that a few much wanted ingredients came together and I was able to do it. Been wanting to do a session like this for some time. Thrilled you like it. Could have been better but forgot the bracket that fixes to the camera for the tripod so all hand held stuff.
  • Kay
  • United States
  • 29 Aug 2007, 05:30
pixelpixie: All thanks to Ginnie really Kay, she got me going on this one. Really pleased you like it.
Sorry for beeing an ignorant...don't think I have read that story...

I like the pic a lot - beautiful colours, and placement of the girl. The pic also got me thinking of the "statue of liberty"...I also get a movie feeling looking at this....in other words there are stories hidden here smile
pixelpixie: It's a very dark horror story, short but horrible!

When someone says that they can see narratives in my images - mine or their own, then I feel very complimented indeed!
  • sk
  • UK
  • 29 Aug 2007, 07:43
WOW nice blur, scary
pixelpixie: Thanks asiko, it's a scary story.
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 29 Aug 2007, 08:40
This is PERFECT for an Edgar Allan Poe setting, Jose Ann. Bring it on (quoth the raven)! smile
pixelpixie: Thanks Ginnie, don't know if I can keep it up! Really pleased you like this one. We had great fun doing it.
Wonderful, atmospheric shot. Great colour too. Works very well for me. (:o)
pixelpixie: Thanks Rosalyn, sodium lighting at night can create wonderful atmospherics.
Stunning Jose! I love the colour and light. A bit ghostly. How did your model feel standing still for 4 seconds??
pixelpixie: Thanks very much Chris. My model is great, she can do a minute if needs must! Costume changes out in the Estuary can be problematic though!
Lovely, intriguing new direction- you always succeed in making the viewer engage brain and force it to work on interpretation, that's why they are so good- like a good meal rather than a meringue!
pixelpixie: Love your comment.

Starting to get the hang of this Nikon digital now but have decided that when I upgrade and can afford it, I'm having myself a Canon.
  • David Johnson
  • about to get me cash back from them Frenchies
  • 29 Aug 2007, 20:48
Like the new surroundings, I seem to have been cast into the dungeon along with Eddy for probably too many spam-bot related incidents..I'll get back to you on the picture......
pixelpixie: There's a French Market on in Lytham tomorrow if you've got withdrawal symptoms...
Even better than the wonderful previous one !!!
pixelpixie: Wow, thank-you Zeb. Which one do you like best out of the three?
A wonderful, painterly effect. It somehow reminds me of Les Miserables.
pixelpixie: lol, painterly effect is down to handheld shooting for four seconds and a patient model. You're right about Les Miserables.
I wonder if the eyes were in focus? Because the whole picture is blurred I find I am trying to make something clear
pixelpixie: I do have other images which are more in focus but chose this one as I thought it portrayed better the story of Berenice as seen by Egaeus in his trance. I shall have to wait for another full moon and cloudy sky to shoot this again so watch this space but then, it's the teeth I should focus on!
Teeth would certainly fit the story!
Jose, you keep creating stunning original images, I really like this one, gets you thinking. Likey!grin
pixelpixie: Thanks Nigel, sometimes weather and circumstance coincide with line of thinking and it works out, lol, not sure where I shall go from here though.
Very effective, quite a ghostly image, conjours up ideas of dark deeds and mystery.
pixelpixie: Thank-you Les, that orange glow, it's all thanks the the sodium lighting over your way! Shot it out on the jetty with Southport and the moon lighting the sky behind.
Soo dreamy
pixelpixie: That's great, dreamy or trance like was what I was trying to get smile
  • VZ
  • Atlanta, USA
  • 1 Sep 2007, 14:58
I missed this one. Damn! i like it even better then today's post.
pixelpixie: Very late I know but thank-you, I'm pleased you like it. I'm going to re-shoot this next summer. Although I like it, I want to do it on medium format and with wilder weather and see if I can do better.
  • chunter
  • Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK
  • 3 Sep 2007, 22:21
Edgar Allen Poe aside (I have no working knowledge of him) there is some fine work going on here, none more so than this.

Impressive stuff.
pixelpixie: Sorry for the lateness of reply, but thanks, I wasn't sure whether these were any good or not so your comment means a lot.
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 6 Sep 2007, 13:56
Not sure about EAP.
But...when this image came on the screen I was immediately reminded of the movie made from John Fowles' book "French Lieutenant's Woman".
I like this image a lot.
pixelpixie: I think you would like Edgar Allan Poe - well if you like tragic romances and spooky stories! I think I must give an image of the French Lieutenant's Woman a go!
  • pops
  • 15 Dec 2007, 18:54
I spent a long time looking at this photo trying to find a missing ingrediant. To me the background and the ruffled dress implied a raging storm but with something wrong.
I eventually left the room with the image in my mind and it came to me.
I would love to have seen this with the subjects hair blowing wildly to complete my take on it of a raging storm and a sad lonely figure gazing out across the water.
Sorry to ramble on but I found it fascinating and hypnotic.
In likeys for a lot more viewing.
pixelpixie: That it held your gaze and set you contemplating, is for me, a huge compliment. I hope to re-visit this image and re-shoot it next summer. Edgar Allan Poe is a great source of inspiration. I think you're right about the hair. On this particular night, there was just a gentle breeze. Lol, ramble on, it's the only way for me to make progress!
  • tim
  • United Kindom
  • 26 Jan 2008, 19:02
stunning shot Jose just awesome smile

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